McLane cheerleaders

The following criteria must be attained in order to letter:

  1. Must play a varsity sport beginning no later than the “sit out period” given by CIF.
  2. Must remain academically eligible and complete the season.
  3. Point system. Athletes must earn 24 possible points. Points can carry over from one sport to another to accumulate required points.
    • 1 point- for each Varsity game participated in for football and lacrosse, half point for all other sports.
    • 2 points for satisfactory attendance in or out of season strength program during school year.
    • 1 point for participating in each additional high school sport
    • 2 points for participating satisfactorily in fundraisers
    • 2 points for no late or unexcused absences
    • 4 points for perfect attendance
    • 2 points for no team rule violations and no negative reports from school staff.
    • 1 point for 2.0 GPA throughout season
    • 2 points for 3.5 (scholar athlete) recognition.
    • 1 point for returning all equipment within one week of last game.
    • 1-3 points for seniors only who finish the season in good standing and make daily contributions in practice. (Coaches discretion)
    • 1 point for all players on the roster of a playoff game/ 2 points for players on roster of section championship game
    • 1 point for working as a volunteer for campus activities
    • 1 point for attending tutorial on a consistent basis.
    • 1 point for completing Captain’s Training Program
    • 1 point for completing season as captain.
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