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This pathway is a highly employable skill set. McLane’s Academy of Finance & Entrepreneurship Pathway, is also known as the McLane Business Academy, offers experiences in different aspects of finance and business such as banking, investments, business management, marketing, and self-employment. In addition, students will gain real-world experience working in a bank or running a business that will help them succeed in college as well as in the workplace.


All students in the Business Pathway will be college and career ready, with respect for the Human Element and financial literacy.


To develop individuals with a moral compass who exhibit the qualities of integrity, interpersonal communication, industry competency, compassion, and emotional intelligence with a passion for customer service and financial literacy.


  • Students who are proficient in the use of digital tools and technology with focus on the Banking, Finance, and Entrepreneur Industry.
  • Demonstration of effective verbal, written and digital communication skills; ability to effectively function in a team format; demonstrates empathetic listening strategies, and focused strategies needed for success in a business environment.
  • Proficiency in application of analytical and systematic approaches for problem solving in the challenging environment of the Finance and Banking Industry.
  • Leadership, organizational and prioritization strategies for work based projects.
  • Strategies for self-reflection and self-analysis skills to continue the development of the student towards self-actualization and life-long professional development.
  • Demonstrates characteristics of justice, fairness, and personal responsibility while exuding the qualities of an effective communicator, situational problem solver, people person, with the emotional intelligence necessary for success in foreign and domestic business environment.

Program of Study

Banking & Finance Emphasis

Subject / Grade Level​Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11​Grade 12
English​English I​English II​English IIIExpository Reading & Writing Composition
DE: English 1A
Social Studies/ScienceBiology​Modern World History​U.S. HistoryGovernment/Economics
​CTEDigital Media & Design​Entrepreneurship & Marketing​Personal Finance​
(DE: BT-24)
​Banking & Finance
(DE: BT-131)

Entrepreneurship Emphasis

Subject / Grade LevelGrade 9​Grade 10​Grade 11Grade 12
English​English I​English II​English IIIExpository Reading & Writing Composition
DE: English 1A
Social Studies/ScienceBiology​Modern World History​​U.S. HistoryGovernment/Economics
​CTEDigital Media & DesignEntrepreneurship & Marketing​Small Business Management
(CSUF Unitrack)
WBL Virtual Enterprise

Industry Certifications

  • Everfi Financial Literacy
  • CyberSafety 
  • Bank Teller Certifications Series
  • OSHA-10 in General Industry 
  • IC3 Core Digital Literacy Certification
  • Microsoft Office System Certifications

Internship Opportunities

  • Union Bank
  • Pacific Western Bank
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Junior Achievement 


Carlos Gonzales
Teacher and Pathway Lead for Finance & Entrepreneurship

Suki Dhillon
Teacher, Finance & Entrepreneurship

Eric Walters
Coordinator, College & Career Readiness
Tel: (559) 248-5635

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