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Mclane High School offers several different credit recovery options for students who are off-track with graduation requirements (link to Graduation Requirements page) (down credits or missing credits in particular subject area) or off-track with A-G requirements (link to A-G Requirements page). Students in need of credit recovery must work with their counselor to create a credit recovery plan.

Credit Recovery Options:

  • Summer School
  • Edgenuity class during the school day
  • 0 Period Edgenuity
  • 7th Period Edgenuity
  • Fresno Adult School (Night School)
  • Alternative Education (Cambridge High School)*


Students who are enrolled in an Edgenuity class are assigned to a teacher who supports, monitors, and assesses students’ progress as they complete assignments, quizzes and tests in Edgenuity, an online education platform. Students enrolled in an Edgenuity credit recovery course are expected to make at last 5% progress per day and/or at least 20% per week. If a student is not making expected progress, they will be dropped from the course.

Using their FUSD username and ID, students will log into their Edgenuity course at: https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Student. Once they log in, the home page (left) provides students with a snapshot of their progress and grade.

Summer School

Counselors automatically enroll students in the classes they need to recover credits for graduation and/or clear a grade deficiency (D or F grade) to get back on track with A-G Requirements. Summer School will take place June 14, 2022 – July 15, 2022.

Alternative Education *Students who are significantly deficient in credits are referred to an Alternative Education (link to https://hscg.fresnounified.org/resources/pathways-programs/alternative-high-schools/ ) site for purposes of credit recovery. Cambridge High School (link to https://hscg.fresnounified.org/resources/pathways-programs/alternative-high-schools/ ) is the Alterative Education site for students in the Mclane region.

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